Terms and conditions

1 – The Summer Academy of Music is being presented by Internationale Sommerakademie Lüneburger Heide e.V.. It will take place in its 14th edition from August 3 – 13, 2023, and is primarily addressing music students and young musicians engaging in professional music education. It takes place in Uelzen, Germany, and surrounding communities. In principal, there is no upper age limit. However, music studies should not have been finished earlier than three years prior to the Summer Academy. The Artisic Director may make exceptions from this rule on an individual basis. There is no age limit in the Amateur Masterclass category. All materials will be checked by a committee and applicants will be selected for participation according to their qualification.

2 – The course fee includes:

a) the booked number of lessons (at least four) with one or, according to instrument, several teachers
b) up to two sessions* with the Chamber Orchestra (see # 5)
c) up to two sessions* in the Chamber Music Ensemble (see # 5)
d) Correpition and piano coaching according to schedule and availability
e) local transportation**
f) practising facilities at the music school of Uelzen
g) free admission to all concerts and special events of the International Summer Academy Lüneburger Heide
h) accomodation in youth hostel standard (see # 4)
i) full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner – see # 4)

* The length of Orchestral sessions depends on the number of participants. If capacity allows, the artistic director may agree to more sessions.

** lessons and performances take place in Uelzen and surrounding communities. Participants are responsible for their travel to Uelzen, Germany, themselves. The Summer Academy will provide detailed travel information on request.

Participants in the masterclasses piano and violin may choose and distribute their lessons freely between all available teachers. Two, four, or six lessons are available for each teacher (for piano: Hinrich Alpers, Bernd Goetzke, Karl-Heinz Simon and Sontraud Speidel; for violin: Stefan Hempel, Henja Semmler, and Erik Schumann). At least four lessons in total have to be chosen. For double bass, four or six lessons with Nabil Shehata can be chosen.

3 – The course fee is 820 Euros for a four-lesson masterclass. Each extra unit of two lessons costs 300 Euros (six lessons = 1120 Euros etc.). The fee for each member of a participating chamber group is 600 Euros. The respective course fee for each participant is all inclusive and there will be no refund if participants make use of only part of the offered service (in particular, but not limited to: late arrival, early departure, no collaboration with the Chamber Ensemble, or Chamber Orchestra).

The course fee will be reduced by 100 Euros for participants who choose to organize their own accomodation.

Some members of the faculty may be present for only part of the Summer Academy period. The lesson schedule will be adapted accordingly for each participant, and all participants will of course be entitled to the full service of the Summer Academy (see # 2) the entire time, regardless of the attendance of their respective teachers.

4 – The on-campus accomodation has a limited number of spaces which will be given to accepted participants based on the order of their application. Should it be fully booked, all further applications will remain accepted, of course, and 100 Euros reduction in the application fee will apply.

There are 2- and 4-bed rooms. It is recommended that applicants inform the Summer Academy well ahead of time about their accomodation wishes, even though guarantees cannot be given by the organization On request, accepted participants receive a list of all participants including email adresses in order to allow for arrangements for sharing rooms.

In case that the accomodation or board cannot be offered without putting individual members of the Summer Academy at risk (f.e. because of too high Covid-19 numbers around the time of the Summer Academy), we will proceed like in 2020/2021/2022. Participants are then free in their decision how to book their own accomodation in Uelzen. The course fee will be reduced, and we will help to find accomodation, especially in modest price range, and furthermore we offer to distribute lessons within a shorter time frame (double lessons are possible, too) in order to save unnecessary costs. It is also possible and advised to consider commuting from Hamburg or Hanover to Uelzen for all lessons and rehearsals. Local trains are running constantly, and we will provide free bus tickets and bicycles free of charge to be mobile in Uelzen.

Regardless of the situation, participants may always book their own accomodation at their own expense. The Summer Academy will provide a list of hotels and youth hostels on request.

5 – Faculty members and chamber music partners will be available to work with the participants in mixed chamber groups. During the application process, the following works may be selected which – according to demand – may be rehearsed and performed by selected participants in up to three Academy concerts:

– Beethoven: Piano Trio in G major op. 1,2
– Schumann: Piano Quartet E flat major op. 47
– Clara Schumann: Piano Trio in a minor op. 17
– Brahms: Piano Quartet in g minor op. 25
– Schubert: Piano Quintet A major “Trout”
– Hummel: Piano Quintet (with Double Bass) E flat major op. 87

As the number of rehearsals during the Summer Academy is limited, sufficient experience in chamber music is expected. There will be no sight-reading rehearsals – therefore it is important to prepare for the chamber music project adequately. If in doubt, particitants are encouraged to ask their teaches for advice.

The online application system will automatically display those chamber works which are available according to the chosen instrument. The repertory may change due to the ongoing uncertain Covid-19 situation.

A Chamber Orchestra will be available to work with the participants. The following repertory may be prepared and performed by selected participants:

– Mozart: Piano Concerto c minor K 491
– Beethoven: Piano Concerto No 4 G major
– Mozart: Violin Concerto G major K 216
– Mozart: Violin Concerto A major K 219
– Vanhal: Double Bass Concerto D major
– Bottesini: Double Bass Concerto b minor

6 – Applications are accepted online at www.summeracademyofmusic.com. The number of spaces and total number of available lessons for participants is limited – therefore, a preselection may be necessary, based on the submitted application material. Only for the piano masterclasses, a recording containing repertory freely chosen by the applicant needs to be submitted. We prefer Youtube links (or links to other free platforms) over hard media.

A request to all applicants: please make sure that the size of email attachments (photos, scans etc.) does not exceed the size of 1 MB.

In order to allow as many applicants as possible to participate, chamber music groups count as one participant unless solo lessons are taken as well (possible in increments of two lessons, according to #3 above). Nonetheless the reduced course fee is to be paid by each member

7 – The Summer Academy of Music can be reached at:

Internationale Sommerakademie Lüneburger Heide e.V.
Schulstrasse 13
29559 Stadensen

Our banking details are:

Name of the bank: Sparkasse Uelzen-Lüchow-Dannenberg
Address of the bank: Veersser Strasse 42, 29525 Uelzen, Germany
IBAN: DE57 2585 0110 0230 0218 34

8 – The application deadline is July 1, 2023. The application is binding. It is only valid after all necessary documents (see # 6) have arrived and the application fee (as resulting from # 3) has been received by Internationale Sommerakademie Lüneburger Heide e.V. on its bank account (see #7). All applicants will be notified by email as soon as their application is complete and whether or not they have been accepted as participants.

Upon request the Summer Academy will able to send letters of invitation prior to the application deadline to applicants who need extra time to apply for visa (you can let us know whether or not you will need a visa by clicking the respective button on the application form). Those letters of invitation however are provided for convenience and are not to be considered an official confirmation of participation yet. Applicants who have not been accepted will receive their application fee (less 50 Euros handling fee) back. Upon withdrawal by a participant, the application fee (less 50 Euros handling fee) will be refunded only if the course(s) booked by the applicant can be given to another applicant.

9 – For outstanding performances during the Summer Academy of Music, concert scholarships may be awarded following the Summer Academy. The artistic director and course teachers will deliberate upon prizes and concerts to be awarded.

10 – Place of jurisdiction is Uelzen. This English translation of the terms of condition has been provided for convenience. In case of any dispute, the German version shall be binding.